Discount vouchers

How to get discount on our services

     Currently, there are three types of discounts that you can use on our services

1. Instant Facebook discount voucher. All you have to do is to click LIKE on our facebook fan page and invite your friends. After that, just send us a message to notify us and you will instantly receive a 10% discount voucher for your first order (for any service)


2. You already have a web site with registered domain. In this case., you automatically receive 15% discount for new web site. All you have to do is mention that in order form.


3. Recommend to a friend. When You become our customer, you receive a unique promotional code which is actually discount voucher for your friends, and you of course. If you recommend our service to your friends, give them your code, they can use it as discount voucher on their first order.  If  your promotional code have been used as discount voucher,  you receive 20%  Lifetime
discount on all future orders and 20% of all past orders back to your bank account, or free services for same amount. Your friend also receive 20% discount for first order.

* please note that discounts are not accumulative and you can not combine different vouchers, you can use only one voucher at time